Not everyone is an expert hunter yet. To ensure a successful hunt most of the hunting is done from blinds/hides that offer shot distances that vary from 10 yards to 30 yards.The blinds/hides were constructed by incorporating what nature has provided in terms of trees and camouflage. Two of the elevated blinds/hides are very spacious inside and can comfortably accommodate 3 people with space to move around in. Guests staying at the lodge are provided with a packed lunch and drinks while spending time hunting from the blinds. Alternatively lunch can be had at the lodge at the guest’s discretion.


To ensure an adrenaline rush for the hunter that seeks a more challenging hunt and also in an attempted to break the monotony of sitting in blinds, walk and-stalk hunting is also an option. The success rate of this method of hunting is much lower than hunting from the stands but is truly rewarding. Quiet shoes, good camouflage, perseverance and patience is vital in order to get within shooting range on foot.


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